Origami Engine is an iPad publishing platform that lets you design, prototype and publish exciting interactive iPad publications without writing a single line of code. Use the iPad as your mouthpiece to connect with people in ways you can’t with any other medium. With Origami Engine you can utilise the power of touch technology to tell your story – be it a book, a magazine, a report, or something completely new.

Written from the ground up to take advantage of all core features in Apple’s iOS, Origami Engine handles all elements in close connections with key technology on the iPad, like video and 3D hardware acceleration. This gives the reader a smooth experience and allows designers and publishers to dream of new ways to use these technologies. The Origami Engine consists of three components:

A anchor allows you to snap or jump to a specific place on a page either vertical or horizontal. You can also add interactivity to them so that something happens as you scroll through the page.
With only ten objects you can mix and match to create an unlimited number of possibly interactions. Everything can work with everything open up the possibilities to your imagination.
You have the control to transfer objects or groups of objects on the stage, from rotate to center or evenly distribute them to help quickly layout your page.
With Origami Design you have complete control over your elements on the stage. From typography supporting western, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian and 13 more languages to video looping, frame animation and hot spot touch areas. You define how and what behaviors these elements have to meet your communication goals.
Overview Panel
You can see your whole document here, reorganize the order of your publication, lock pages from being changed and import or duplicate pages.
WYSIWYG Everything
Origami Design is made for designers, by designers so you can visually develop, experiment, test and produce beautiful work. What you see on the screen is what you will see on the iPad.
Control what and where things go on the stage with the ability show and hide assets at runtime as well as search the objects and interactivity so you can find what you need quickly.
Guides and Grids
You can build templates with guides and grids for each page or your whole document. Origami Design is made for a production environment.


The iPad has proven to be an unprecedented international success, adopted by the general public and businesses faster than any technology in history to date. Its attraction and inherent technology makes it a wonderful communication tool. The problem has been that unless you code there are no tools that harness these possibilities. Until now. Origami Engine offer the goods to people that has time, talent and cash for other than coding.
You can design the app by yourself or in collaboration with others. There is support for import and merging of projects. Origami Design exports a content package bundle (similar to what you deliver to the in-App store) that can be tested on the fly on the iPad through the Origami View app. This gives the designer the chance to continuously experience and test new ways of designing interactions.

You can quickly and easily preview your work simply by clicking on preview and choosing the iPad you want. This works over wifi and USB connector.
Document Info
Set the Name of your Document as you want it to appear in the App. Also you can add a description so readers can easily find what they are looking for when searching.
Import images, videos, audio, animations, text and fonts for using your publication. You can manage your files see dead links or missing files.
Set your publication to have either landscape or portrait orientation and design for both in the same document with different layouts. You can also set the publication to use both orientations and auto switch.
Custom Icons
You can add custom icons for your publications and they can be either rectangular or any shape with transparency. If you don’t add a custom icon then Origami Engine will build one from the first page in your publication.
File Size
Control the file size of your publication, Origami Engine only requires you add retina display assets, it will create all of the regular iPad assets automatically on export. But you can also set custom iPad 1 graphics if you need to. In the Assets list you can see the file size for each asset and control what is exported and what is not.
Installing & Security
Origami Engine has powerful security features to protect your content. You can password protect publications, set termination dates and also limit the people that can open the publications by allowing only specific iPads.
Testing & Sharing
Origami View will read any .oep (Origami Engine Package) file, these are the files exported from Origami Engine. You can email oep files to clients and colleagues for review. Share projects with potential customers or just make things and offer them to the world. Make the pep’s downloadable from your site or send them via dropbox, Origami View gives you a channel to share your content on.


Origami View App
The Origami View app is the viewer for the Origami Engine. With it you can preview, share and test creations made with Origami Design. Our experience is that you don’t know if a feature or functionality works without actually testing it on the iPad.

Publishing in the Cloud
Once your content is in the clod you set up a publishing schedule, or an update to existing content. This is one of the ways you can deliver time sensitive content to readers using the system.
Origami Design
Once you are happy with the work and it’s complete, you can upload it directly from the design software into the cloud.
Track readers, how long they spend in your publication, what pages they like, what features they use and don’t use in the system.

Origami View
Test all of your ideas quickly and easily using Origami View, our reader. Share only with specific iPads on your team or make content available via email or the web for anyone to view with Origami View.

Give your customers a seamless experience where they purchase your App, download the content and then have it updated in the app as the reader uses the publication.

Sell your app and issues in iTunes. You can have stand alone or newsstand bookshelf’s or single apps with no bookshelf functionality. The choice is yours.
The publishing system revolves around the Cloud application which maintains all of the content and connections. The Design tool’s database sits in the cloud and provides both security and performance regardless of your location.
All your customers’ data also resides in the cloud, so that they can access their content from all their devices and recover their purchases if necessary.

Technical Specifications

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