Goodbye and Thank you

It’s with a heavy heart that we share with you the news that Katachi Media and Origami Engine will soon be shutting down. The past few month we have been working hard to find the right home for Origami Engine and we are still focused on that.
We’ll soon be wrapping up operations of Origami Engine. We will no longer be accepting new user registrations. We will continue to support existing Origami Engine customers until May 1, 2018. But as of June 1, 2017 we will not be providing any new updates or support for existing application. In May 2018, Katachi Media will close up shop and delete all user data. No user data or account information will be kept by Facebook. We will be sure to keep you posted on this process over the next few weeks.
We are incredibly thankful to the whole team that built Origami Engine, We couldn’t have asked to have worked with a more talented group of people and will miss that more than anything.
Katachi Media Team.