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LUZ Mag is one of the oldest publications using Origami Engine. It is a highly interactive magazine that addresses topics ranging from culture to science, social projects to economic trends, sustainability technology.

“It is a unique combination of photography, video, sound, graphic design, text and animation, allowing a consumer experience unique content and is distributed all over the world at the speed of a click on Newsstand and Appstore. It is the only digital magazine with a soundtrack composed especially for her. All the “soundtrack” of the magazine, without exception, is created in order specifies for each article or each section, bringing you yet another dimension of communication.”


It is made for the Portugese power company EDP. They have published several beautiful issues that has giving even us many moments of “how in the world did they do that” moments. Well done!

Download and check it out here:
LUZ Mag (Portugese and English)