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After a long and fruitful development, we are very happy to announce the commercial release of Origami Engine 2.0.


We’ve been hard at work to engineer a completely new App publishing platform with new features, new products and new thinking about how mobile Apps should be built, published, managed and marketed.

Origami Xchange
The biggest update is the introduction of Origami Xchange, our mobile CMS, we’ve create a hub for all our customers to manage their App’s and documents. With Origami Xchange you can know take complete control of your App publishing by directly uploading from Origami Design. You can schedule your App’s and In-App-Purchases for release in the future, manage the price and setup subscriptions. But we didn’t stop with publishing we’ve added a while host of tools for managing your Apps and your customers. You can build custom push notification rules, geo targeting and user behavior triggering so your App experience is supported by marketing automation.

From the web based admin panel, Origami Xchange, you can manage all aspects of your publishing process; control your plans, add users and devices, create new channels, publish your apps, send notifications, check your reports and more. Once you’re set up, this is your hub for all things publishing.

See the result, download the new Origami Design and signup for an account with Origami Engine 2.0 now.


Origami View & Channels
A big part of Origami Xchange and Origami View are Channels, with the ability to seamlessly share content with clients and your team. You can create highly interactive documents and share them privately or broadcast it to the world. It is the perfect document distribution channel for both client and private work, inviting your investors, customers, clients, colleagues or friends to see it. Or everyone.

Apple iOS and Android
Last but not least we now fully support Android and iOS phones and tablets. We’ve pushed ourselves to create an Android engine that is 95% compatible with all of the great features available on iOS. It was no small feat, but I think Android user deserve the chance to easily make beautiful Apps too. Share your creations with an even broader audience on both Android and iOS.


In addition to the rollout of these big features we have also added a barrage of smaller features, performance updates and bug fixes. Below are a list additional features.

  • Origami ID
  • Users access to multiple Origami Engine accounts.
  • Push notifications
  • Push notification rules
  • Geo targeting of users
  • Gift codes – both one time use and multi use
  • Publish directly from Origami Design
  • Origami Xchange user permissions – Owner, admin, user, customer
  • New high performance framations
  • Support for 8 new languages
  • Auto layout scaling for iPhone 6+ and iPad Pro
  • Document Updates – both user initiated and forced
  • Auto link to your Amazon S3 account
About Katachi Media

Katachi® Media is an Oslo based maker of creative tools and products for information technology in both the consumer and professional markets. At the core of Katachi’s offering is a new generation publishing platform, Origami Engine for create highly engaging interactive experiences on mobile devices. Katachi is uniquely positioned in the market by removing the need for technical knowhow from the creation and development of mobile Apps which can be applied to business, marketing, media and educational. Taking advantage of new mobile technologies Katachi is reinventing storytelling, advertising and the users experience on these mobile devices. For more information: origamiengine.com

“KATACHI” is a registered trademark of Katachi Media Inc. “Origami Engine” is a trademark or registered trademark of Katachi Media Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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