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Origami Engine 2.0 introduces a brand, new way of distributing content smoothly and easily. Send your creations to co-workers, clients, friends or family. Or share it publicly. Making it this easy to distribute documents makes the tool even more versatile across multiple devices.

A channel is a way to share your Origami Engine interactive documents with other people either privately or by publicly broadcasting them. In Origami Xchange, you can set up and close down a channel when needed, distribute your content through inviting individuals or groups of people. This is a great way of sharing client work in progress, student work, temporary reports, business intelligence documents or other private content or just show off your new app!


Channels are either included in the different plans or you can buy them individually for $29 pr.month.
All content distributed through channels must be free.

For questions or more informasjon, contact:
Mobile: +1 818 351-5199