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Deep Linking allows your Origami Engine App to be able to directly link and open other Apps on the device. This also includes being able to pass other parameters to the App you are linking to, such as search for this work or go to this account view.

It add a deep link in Origami Design is very easy. In any trigger, choose Function as the target and then select Open in Safari as the action. This URL field will then accept any standard URL and deep link URI.

OD_support_inspector_deep_linking Deep linking is a very power function and can be used to a great deal of interactions. From opening Facebook to making a phone call or sending an SMS.

When you use a deep link and the user goes to that App, a very small arrow and text saying Back to (Your App Name) will be in the to left corner of the screen.

Here you can find a more comprehensive list of URI/Universal Links for various Apps on iOS. You can also find more URI here.

Service Description URI Options
Phone Call This will ask the user if they want to make a call to this number tel:1-555-1234 For International numbers tel:0048111222333
SMS This will populate and open the SMS messaging App. sms:1-555-1234&body=I can send an SMS You can not use some characters line , or ; in the sms body text.
Facebook Got to a users profile or page. fb://profile/665731994 Here you can find your Facebook profile ID
Facebook Go to a page fb://page/330599673620794
Twitter Go to a specific users feed.  

Google+ Go to your google plus account. gplus://
Tumblr tumblr://x-callback-url/[id]
eBay eBay://launch?itm=360703170135
Snapchat snapchat://?u=username
Pintrest pinterest://user/[id]
Instagram instagram://user?username=[id]
Meercat meerkat://
pscp://user/[user id]
What’s App whatsapp://send?abid=[users name]&text=[message text] Details can be found here.
Line line://msg/text/Hi there!
We Chat weixin://dl/profile
Lnkedin linkedin://company/origamiengine
Apple Maps  
Google Maps  
Yelp  yelp:///biz/[id]